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Stunning technology

Built using latest web-technologies like CSS3 and HTML5 flipgorilla is optimized for all major desktops, tablets and smartphones. No Flash, no App!

Easy Creation

The creation of a publication is as easy as that: Upload your PDF and let flipgorilla do the rest.

Share & Embed

Share your publications on social networks and use the simple embed code to integrate it into your website or blog.

Features you will love

flipgorilla brings the future to your current publications.

Stunning Technology.

Your flipgorilla publications don‘t just work on your desktop computer. We have developed flipgorilla using latest web technologies to also bring this outstanding experience to all major tablets and smartphones.

CSS 3, HTML 5, iPhone, iPad, android

Easy Creation.

To publish a document with flipgorilla there is just one step to do: Upload your PDF. It will be converted immediately, maintaining a continuously growing number of enrichments, and will be straightaway available for integration in your website or blog.

Share and Embed.

The widespread distribution of your publications is easier than ever. flipgorilla provides you with:

  • one-click-sharing of your publication on all major social networks
  • a direct link to spread your publication via email or instant messaging
  • and an simple embed code to seamlessly integrate your publication into your website or blog.


Enrich your documents with industry standard software. flipgorilla recognizes a continuously growing number of PDF features and maintains them in your publication.

Coming Soon.

This is just the beginning. We are working hard to provide new features within short to overcome your readers experience.

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